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Q: Can I schedule rides on-line?
A: Yes! Our web address is Simply place your cursor over Home and then click on Trip Booking Wizard. Follow the prompts from there.

Q: Can I cancel trips on-line?
A: YES, unless you are on a subscription ride or the appointment is for the same day. We can only accept future cancelations via the website. Our web address is Place your curser over Home and click on Check or Cancel Ride and then enter the necessary information. If there is a “trash can” next to the line item, you can cancel from there. Simply click on the trash can. If you are canceling both the inbound and return, please make sure to cancel both line items.

Q: Can I use a smart phone or device to schedule rides?
A: YES! From your smart phone (Andriod or iPhone)/device, simply touch on “iDevice” on the top right corner of the webpage to start the application..

Q: When can I schedule rides?
A: A minimum of 2 business days notice is required to schedule transportation assistance. Some requests may require us to send and/or receive documents before we can approve the trip; therefore, the more notice that you give us, the better. You can schedule trips up to 2 weeks in advance.

Q: What if my appointment is urgent and I can’t give 2 business days notice?
A: Hospital Releases, trips to Urgent Care Centers or return rides from Emergency Rooms do not require 2 business days notice. We may only be able to assist you to an Urgent Care facility, within your home county or to the closest provider of type. ER returns are also done in county only, unless we verify you were brought to an out of county ER by ambulance. Also, unplanned urgent appointments may be eligible for transportation with less than 2 business day’s notice, if we can verify urgent and unplanned.

Q: Why do you need a letter from my doctor before you will provide transportation assistance?
A: Medicaid limits transportation assistance to your local community only. If you are requesting transportation assistance to an appointment that is outside of your local community, we may need documentation from your physician, stating that your care is medically necessary and cannot not be provided locally or closer to home. It is important to understand that we are not advising you that you can or cannot see a particular doctor, but there are limits to transportation assistance.

Q: How long does it take to process a letter from my doctor after you have received it?
A: Processing any document, including letters from your doctor, will take up to 2 business days. You should call 2 business days after your doctor has sent us a document to ensure that it was received and was valid. You are required to follow up and verify receipt on any documentation being faxed to our office.

Q: What information will I need to have when I call to schedule transportation assistance?
A: You will need to have the following information when you call: Date and time of your appointment. The name, address, and telephone number of the health care provider with whom you have an appointment, and your return time. We may also need the fax number of the doctor who referred you to the appointment. If you do not have this information when you call, you may be asked to call back when you are able to provide it.

Q: What if I need someone to go with me?
A: Minor children can always have one parent go with them. If an adult requires an attendant, we will request documentation from your primary care provider that an attendant is medically necessary.

Q: Why do I have to use a bus to get to my appointment?
A: Medicaid requires that the lowest cost available mode of transportation that is both accessible and appropriate for the client is used. If you live within ¾ mile of a bus stop and your appointment location is within ¾ mile of a bus stop, bus fare will be the mode of transportation assistance that you are most likely to receive.

Q: Why does it take longer than 2 business days to schedule if I use bus fare?
A: ORCA cards used in Kitsap and Pierce Counties take up to 3business days, after the day of the request, for the fare to load. All other counties require 5-7 business days to process the request and to mail you the appropriate fare.

Q: Can I get assistance using my own car to get to my appointments?
A: Yes! If you, a friend, or a relative have a car, we can provide assistance by supplying fuel or providing mileage reimbursement. You will need to provide copies of a valid WA driver’s license, a valid vehicle registration, and a valid insurance card to receive this assistance.

Q: How can I submit vehicle and driver information?
A: Documents can be mailed to: Paratransit Services, 4810 Auto Center Way, Bremerton, WA. 98312, faxed to 360-377-1528 or toll free at 1-855-742-5078 or emailed to Since small documents such as driver’s licenses and insurance cards tend to come through the fax dark and unreadable, we recommend mailing. If you do fax, please enlarge and lighten those documents before faxing. Please be sure to include the client(s) name and date of birth, so that we can identify and update the correct file.

Q: Can I bring them in to your office?
A: NO! We do not have walk in customer service - we are a call center only. All business is conducted via phone, our web-site, or mail.

Q: What are your call center hours?
A: Our scheduling hours are 07:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for Urgent Care requests, Hospital Releases and return rides home from the emergency room. Remember - we provide Non Emergency Medical Transportation. Transportation TO the ER is not covered. You may be advised to call 911 depending on the nature of your request.

Q: Is there anything other than mileage for which I can be reimbursed?
A: Yes! With receipts, you can be reimbursed for bridge tolls, parking, and ferry tolls. IMPORTANT: just like other forms of transportation assistance, reimbursement requests must be approved a minimum of 2 business days BEFORE your appointment. We cannot reimburse for Uber, Lyft or taxi/cabs fare. Q. How can I avoid you denying my transportation assistance request?
(1) Give us as much notice as possible to allow us to get necessary documentation for your trip if needed
(2) If we've requested information from your doctor, follow up with the doctor in a day or two, to make sure that the office has received and returned the request. The letters must be received 2 business days before your trip. Remember - processing the letters may take up to 2 business days.
(3) Make sure that we have valid WA Driver’s License, vehicle registration, and insurance on file when you schedule reimbursement or fuel for an appointment.
(4) Give enough time to load Orca fare (4 business days) or mailed bus passes (5-7 days)
(5) Remember that even reimbursement requests have to be authorized before your appointment.

Q: Can I get transportation assistance to anywhere I have an appointment?
A: NO. Transportation assistance is limited to Medicaid billable appointments provided by the health care provider located within or closest to your local community who is capable of providing the medically necessary care.

Q: Why do I have to ride with others?
A: Medicaid requires the use of the most cost effective mode of transportation. This will usually mean that rides, whenever possible, will be shared with others. This also means that you may be picked up earlier then necessary for your appointment in order to accommodate the shared ride. This can be avoided by using your own vehicle (see Q: Can I get assistance using my own car to get to my appointments?).

Q: Why do I have to be ready so early?
A: Due to ride sharing, you may need to be picked up sooner than is necessary for your appointment (see Q: Why do I have to ride with others?)

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