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Paratransit Services has been providing tranporation to Medicaid qualified recipients in the state of Washington for over 20 years. And as one of the pilot Brokerages at the inception of the Brokerage model being used in Washington state we paved the way, resolved all issues, and we have worked hand in hand with medical providers over the years to find solutions for transportation issues and concerns faced by our clients/patients.

Below are some of the resources, either in the form of an informational link or downloadable file, to make Medicaid transporation more efficient while maintaining safety and minimizing fraud. All files are saved in either Adobe PDF (Adobe Reader is required) or Microsoft Word or Excel (Office version 97-2003 or higher) formats.

Facility Ride Request Fax Memo(Word)

Facility Ride Request Fax Form (Word)

Facility Bus Pass Request Fax Memo and Form (Word)

Facility Out-of-County Ride Request Fax Form (Excel)

Medicaid will not fund transportation assistance for attendants of adult clients unless medically necessary. If your patient requires a medically necessary attendant(s), please complete this form and return to Paratransit Services. Please note that unless exceptions are noted, once this form is received by Paratransit Services, an attendant will be required for ALL trips.

Patient requires attendant letter (Word)

Continuity of Care (Word)

Medicaid limits Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) to providers within or closest to the client's local community. If you are referring your patient to a specialty provider outside of the patient's local community, please complete the form below and return it to Paratransit Services.

Patient referral out of local community (Word)

Paratransit services is required to select the lowest cost available mode or alternative that is both accessible to the client and appropriate to the client's medical condition and personal capabilities. Additionally, transportation assistance is limited to distances 3/4 mile or greater. If your patient is unable to use fixed route public transportation or cannot negotiate distances up to 3/4 mile. Please complete the form and return to Paratransit Services.

Patient requires door to door letter (Word)

SUD NEMT Request Form (Word)

Inpatient Psych Release Form (Word)

Visitor number: 6,758,212

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